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Anonymous asked: Hey. How's Jade? I am afraid to ask her. And I think I'll like your response a lot better.


Jade’s good. Really good, we just finished—

Say another word, and I stab you.

Anonymous asked: Who would you rather date Cat or Tori or Haley Ferguson?


Uhh… Haley is definitely out.

Cat and Tori are both really good friends, but Cat is a little too..

I’d have to say Tori, I guess.

Anonymous asked: Does it annoy Jade to be called Jadey?




Anonymous asked: I know this may be none of your beezwax but how does Jade stay in shape, does she go to the gym or something? Is she an athlete - coming from an athlete/swimmer

Jade hates to sweat, and she hates swimming. 

She cuts all the fat off her meat, and she just eats right, and we go on walks sometimes.

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Anonymous asked: Aww you and Jade are so cute together :) And Jade I love scissores too ;)


Thanks, I guess?

Anonymous asked: How did you and Jade meet? When did you finally admit your feelings?

I’m sure you’ve all heard the coffee story by now… Um, but as for feelings…

None of your business.

Jade, don’t be rude.

It’s none of their business Beck.

To answer your question, it was just gradual. We’d go on dates, and then eventually we started the “ily” texts, and there really isn’t a set point, just gradual.

Anonymous asked: Why is jade pouting? Baby why are you pouting?


I’m NOT pouting.

Yeah she is.


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